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Asked Questions

How much money will I save?

On average, homeowners can save up to 70% by painting their roof. And the work can be done in half a day (as compared to re-roofing which can take multiple days).

Will this add life to my roof?

Absolutely! Paint A Roof can add on average 10 years of life to your roof with one coating.

How do I know if I need to replace the shingles on my roof?

Paint A Roof has painted roofs over 25 years old.

We will come out and do a full inspection, and in most cases roof replacement isn’t required, and we can simply extend the life of your existing roof.

Do I really need a new roof?

Most likely no. Let our experts do a free inspection and confirm whether we can save you 70%.


Our roof techs will perform a roof tune-up, addressing loose or missing shingles, any nail pops, and loose flashing, prior to the application of the coating.

Will this help resale?

Absolutely! Roof issues have led to thousands of negotiated dollars between buyers and sellers. We recommend sellers have us perform a tune-up and apply a Paint A Roof coating prior to selling the home. The transferrable warranty gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind.

Is the Paint A Roof coating a rubberized coating?

No, the Paint A Roof coating is designed for asphalt shingles, allowing your roof to breath and perform properly.

Elastomeric products have been used on asphalt shingles by companies in the past, however this can shrink and curl shingles, allowing water to penetrate your roof. We do not recommend elastomeric paint or off the shelf paints.

What are the weather requirements to have my roof painted?

We recommend temperatures of 55 degrees or above, and a dry surface.

When is the best time to paint my roof?

The best time is anywhere from 15-25 years old (unless of course you really dislike your roof’s color). In some situations where the shingles will have deteriorated too much, we will recommend re-roofing.